Сomplete the sentences as in model. Model: Nick lives on the first floor,but last year he lived on the seventh floor. 1. They live in Odesa,but... 2. He comes to school at 8 oclock,but... 3. we watched TV in the evening,but... 4. Taras lives in Khreshchatyc Street,but... 5. Borys lives on the tenth floor,but... 6. On Sunday he gets up at 9 oclock,but... 7. I usually have holidays in November,but...


Ответы и объяснения


1)They live in Odessa, but the next month they will move.

2)He comes to school at 8 o'clock, but classes start at 8:30

3)We were watching TV in the evening, but soon we were forbidden.

4)Taras Khreshchatyc-lives in the street, but this is temporary.

5)Boris lives on the tenth floor, but used to live on the second.

6)On Sunday, he gets up at 9:00, but on Monday at 7.

7)I usually leave in November, but next year I will leave in March.