Действие присходит на улице около дома.

Ответить на вопросы.
Образец:Where are the bikes?-They are in street.
Where is the dog?-It is the car.

1)Where is the cat?
2)Where are the books?
3)Where are the chicks?
4)Where are the cakes?
5)Where are the dolls?
6)Where is the cock?
7)Where are the sweets?
8)Where are the trees?


Ответы и объяснения


1)Where is the cat?-  It is  on the tree.
2)Where are the books?- They are in the bag.

3)Where are the chicks? -  They (The chicks )  are in the yard.
4)Where are the cakes? - They (The cakes) are on the table.
5)Where are the dolls?- They  are on the bench.
6)Where is the cock?- It is  in the yard near the fence.
7)Where are the sweets?- They are in my pockets.
8)Where are the trees?- They are around our house