Написать 15 предложений в разных временах с глаголом to be))) Всех по 5**** ЖДУ!!!!!*********)))))


Ответы и объяснения


1. I am a pupil.

2. You aren*t a doctor- you are a teacher

3. She is in London now.

4. It is my favoutite book.

5. They are in the yard.


1. I WAS in Malta this summer.

2. We were   in the 6th form last year.

3. He was a builder 5 years ago.

4. They were in Kiev last week.

5.She was in the cinema yesterday.


1. I*ll be a student soon.

2. He*ll be a doctor.

3. We*ll be in London next month.

4. They*ll be in the theatre tomorrow.

5. She*ll be busy next week.


1 This is a tree.

2 It is my book.3. Our room is large.

4 Where is the cat?

5 The book is on the table.


1. The weather was good  On Sunday.

2 my father was a pilot.

3 Не was a pupil 20 ears ago.

4 my sister was ill last week.

5 There were many pupils in our class.


1 Ie will a doctor when i grow up.

2 My broter will be  at home  tomorrow.

3. I will be an engineer.

4 She will be at school tomorrow.

5 Will she go to the theatre tomorrow evening?