Помогите мне нужно написать сочинение "Благодарственное письмо"-кому либо из 80 слов


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Thank you letter in an address UIB

In connection with activity and attained results of students of the Kazakh league of debate-debatable club, Наржанов Самат, student 2 courses, specialities, "Marketing" got right to enter a number 9 students from all Kazakhstan, taken away by a teleproject "Азамат, жастар парламенті", TV channel "Хабар", for passing of practice in Мажилисе of Parliament of РК, on a period from 8 to April, 16, 2012.

On results practice a thank you letter acted in an address Университа of international business. In a letter good and positive reviews are expounded from the deputies of Мажилиса of parliament