Ответы и объяснения


1. We are going to the park now.

2 Now the children are having tea.

3 Mike is riding his bike at the momtnt.

4My cat is watching TV.5. She is washing her daughter Bab now.

5. Bill and Dave are playing computer games.

6 Is Willy teaching his parrot to Sing?

7. I'm not sleeping now.

8 . Bill is skating in the park now.

9 My friend is going to school at the moment.

10. What are you reading now?

11. What is your farher having for dinner?

12.Your little brother is eating.13. My uncle isn't wearing shorts.

14. Are my friends decorating a Christmas trees?

15. I am drinking Cola.

16. Willy isn't eating porridge.

17. Are your parents watching TV now?

18. Is your puppy talking?

19. He isn't having a fish soup.

20.I am going to the country now.