очень надо сочинение "как я провела лето", на английском
пожалуйста, кому не сложно или кто то знает сайт где есть что-то такое, скидайте всё что только угодно


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ну не знаю...я писало это сочинение кому-то, его все равно все списывают. попробуй возьми за основу. Может изменишь чего.


Last summer I spent in the City. It was so boring for me. I did my best to amuse myself. I went swimming in the pool and cycling every day. The weather was hot all the time and I could go out only in the evenings. But I made a lot of friends and we went to the cinema sometimes. Every morning I had to babysit my sister while my parents were at work. I felt miserable and I couldn’t do whatever I liked. There is nothing worst than babysitting. Only in the evenings I was free. We played games with my friends and some times we had a party. My days were dull but evenings were full of different events.  I had an ordinary summer but next year I will definitely go to the sea!