Надо что то написать о 1 сентября 5-7 предолжений и открыть скобки

Our class always (to do) some projects and (to help) the community.

___ you (to learn) anything new about healthy lifestayle yet?

nowadays people can (to communicate) easily with each other.

Peter (to do) Maths for two hours.

-____ you (to do) anything special at the moment? - I (to think)

Our conversation with Yom ( to be) very difficul yesterday. I ( can/ not/ to understand) what he ( to talk about)


Ответы и объяснения


Our class always does some projects and helps the community.

Have you learnt anything new about healthy lifestyle yet?

Nowadays people can communicate easily with each other. 

Peter has been doing Maths for two hours.

Are you doing anything special at the moment? – I am thinking.

Our conversation with Yom was very difficult yesterday. I couldn’t understand what he was talking about.