помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение по английсому языку на тему:как я провела лето(только в прошедшем времени!)очень надо!)


Ответы и объяснения


Summer is time of love, a great starts, short skirts, hear les and tanned back. Romance, isn't it? I there love decided to spend this summer in on of the most romantic places in the world - in the village. In the village I was very intriguing way of life - night. Can someone is against this, but all of the great people hed been done at night. Mendeleev invented his table and vodka in a dream, Mozart wrote his simphony number 7 in the light of the moon... So I decided to do my work in at night. You ask now things were with me? I will answer - my works is a very romance.
In all summer I 14 times stepped in cow dung at night, 2 times tore my pants, and once, when stealing apples, me was bitten by a bee. I was swollen all over the two days of lying on the beg.
You ask - what you doing on the day? You will learn it in the next year. Должно подойти