As soon as little Michelle (take) to hospital her ankle (X-ray) and the X-ray plates (give) to the doctor. He (exami­ne) her ankle thoroughly and (decide) that it (have) to be put in plaster at once. Although her ankle (be) painful, she (not/cry) and everybody (say) how brave the girl (be). Now Michelle's ankle gradually (get) better and the doctor just (tell) her mother that he (be) able to take off the plaster next Monday. Then she (send) home if everything (be) all right.

Complete the following sentences with the correct prepositions.

1. What is he afraid ...? 2. If you are interested ... literature you may join our literary society. 3. Kate is very good ... English. 4. Is she still afraid... darkness? 5. My mother was angry ... me for my bad behavior. 6. The Welsh are very proud ... their language. 7. Ann is fond ... her younger brother. 8. Do you think your teachers had much influence ... you? 9. Paul is getting anxious ... his future career. 10. Hurry up or you'll be late ... the plane. 11. Jane is 16 and she speaks two foreign languages. Her parents are very proud ... her. 12. He is used ... getting up early. 13. Many people are fond ... winter sports. 14. The manager was satisfied ... Bill's work and offered him a pay rise. 15. He is interested ... foreign languages. 16.1 was late ... the office again this morning; that is why the boss seems to be angry... me. 17. His garden is very well kept and he is very proud ... it. 18. He is married ... Cathleen and has three children. 19. Children are usually fond ... sweet things. 20. Nick is ill... the flue. He won't be coming tonight. 21. Sydney in Australia is famous ... its Opera House. 22. You are very good ... explaining things. 23. Are you worried ... your driving test? 24. I'm tired ... eating potatoes every day. Why can't we have rice for a change? 25. To tell you the truth, I'm not very keen... seeing him again. 26. If you are not satisfied ... the service at the hotel, you should complain to the manager. 27. I'm surprised ... you, forgetting your briefcase like that. 28. It was good ... you to help Dave with his homework. 29. The public is taking a lot of interest ... the new courses offered by the Open University. 30. We're angry ... Alex for letting us down. 31. He's quite nice but I wouldn't like to be married ... him. 32. The pudding was made ... fruit and chocolate. 33. Are you familiar ... this type of machine? 34. His essay is full... mistakes. 35. The jury found him quilty ... murder


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As soon as little Michelle had been taken to hospital her ankle was X-rayed and the X-ray plates were given to the doctor. He exami­ned her ankle thoroughly and decided that it had to be put in plaster at once. Although her ankle was painful, she did not cried  and everybody said how brave the girl was. Now Michelle's ankle gradually is getting better and the doctor has just told her mother that he will be able to take off the plaster next Monday. Then she will be sent home if everything is all right.


1. afraid of  2. interested in 3. good at  4. afraid of  5. angry with 6. proud of 7. fond of 8. influence on 9. anxious about 10. be late for 11. proud of 12. is used to 13. fond of 14. satisfied with 15. interested in 16.late for, angry with 17. proud of 18. married to 19. fond of 20. ill with. 21. famous for 22. good at  23. worried about  24. tired of  25. keen on  26. satisfied with  27. surprised at  28. good of 29. taking a lot of interest in 30. angry with 31. married to 32. was made of 33. familiar with 34. full of 35. quilty of