помогите пожалуйста глаголы в скобках поставить в правильное время: Past Simple or Past Continuous

When the door-bell (ring) he (stand) up and (go) to the door.
It (rain) hard this morning when I (wake up).
While I (have) breakfast this morning, my sister (phone) from Mexico.
When I (see) his face, I (realize) my mistake.
Yesterday morning he (wake up) late and (miss) his breakfast.
When he (work) in the garden he (hurt) his knee.
Linda (wait) for the bus when I (see) her.
I (look) out of the window and (see) that it (snow) hard. 10. When the parents (come) from the theatre yesterday
evening, the children (sleep). \
When the guests (arrive) Mrs Black still (cook) dinner.
Tom (not/want) to lend us the money at first but then he (agree).
The illness (get) worse and worse. In the end he (go) into hospital for an operation.
I (walk) along the road yesterday when I (meet) an old friend. She (go) to the post-office.
We (see) an accident when we (wait) for the bus.
I (go) to sleep at 3 o'clock this morning and (wake) up an hour later at 4 o'clock.
He (give) up his job as a journalist and (become) a teacher.
While we (be) on holiday, we (spend) most of our time swimming and sailing.
When my car (break) down 1 (phone) a garage.
Ann (show) me a photograph and then (go) to the kitchen for some drinks.


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Rang, stood, went.

Was raining, woke up.

Was having, phoned.

Saw, realized.

Woke up, missed.

Was working, hurt.

Was waiting, saw.

Looked, saw, was snowing.

Came, were sleeping.

Arrived, was cooking.

Did not want, agreed.

Was getting, went.

Was walking, met, was going.

Saw, were waiting.

Went, woke.

Gave, became.

Were, were spending.

Broke, phoned.

Showed, went.