24. When Mr Gabb (come) out of the water, he (find) that somebody (take) all his clothes.25. After the movie (finish) they (decide) to get something to eat.26. Many modern medicines were not invented by western scientists but by tribal people who (use) them for gene­rations before Europeans (arrive).27. It was not surprising that she (start) getting a bad tooth­ache. She (not/go) to the dentist for two years.28. Her work (look) really neat because she (use) the computer.29. The chairman's main fault was that he persistently (interrupt) the speakers before they (finish).30. After she (dress) and (eat) her breakfast, Linda (rush) off to her office for a meeting with her accountant.31 Peter already (see) that musical before he (read) the re­view about it.32. When I (go) into the room I could smell cigarette smoke. Obviously somebody (smoke) in there.33. Because Jasper (make) an appointment with his dentist beforehand he (hope) he wouldn't have to wait long, although there (be) a lot of people in the waiting-room when he (arrive).34. By the time Bill (leave) school, he (speak) good French and German. When he (be) at university he (learn) Italian and Spanish.35. Yesterday Jenny (send) me a very apologetic letter explaining why she (not/do) what she (promise).36. Ann only (work) there for a few days when she (decide) to leave.37. The bank (tell) me last week there (be) no money in my account. I (spend) it all.38. The label (come) off the tin and I didn't know how to cook the meat.39. When I (get) back after lunch, Jean (tell) me that some­body (phone) when I (be) out.40. They (get) married in 1990, just a year after they (fall) in love.41. While I (try) to get my car started, a passing car (stop) and the driver (offer) to help me.42. Penicillin was discovered when Alexander Fleming (find) some mould growing on a laboratory dish he (leave) be­side the window.43. David (admit) that he (hit) the other car, but (say) he (not/damage) it.44. Jane (miss) the party because no one (inform) her about it.45. It (turn) out that they (use) that business for quite a time as a screen for their drug-dealing activities.46. Hardly Harry (start) working when he (realize) that he (need) to go to the library.47. As Lucy (walk) home, she (try) to remember what (happen).48. Because Sam and Tony (do) all the work themselves, they (be) unwilling to give the results to John.49. By the time Liz (be) eighteen she (study) English for six years.50. Hopi Indians (raise) cotton to make cloth for centuries before the arrival of Europeans in the American Southwest.51. We (fly) for twenty minutes when the pilot (announce) we (have) to go back because of bad weather.52. By the time the last marathon runner (cross) the finishing line, nearly everyone (go) home.53. The house (burn) to the ground by the time the fire brigade (arrive).


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24.  came, found,  had taken.25.  had finished,  decided .26.  had used / had been using; arrived.27. started had not gone. 28.  looked, had used. 29. interrupted; had finished.30. had dressed and eaten , Linda rushed off 31 had already seen that musical before he read the re­view about it.32.  When I went into the room; somebody had been smoking in there.33.  Because Jasper had made ; he hoped , although there were a lot of people ... when he arrived.34.  By the time Bill left school, he had spoken . When he was at university he learnt Italian and Spanish.35.  sent ; why she had not done what she  had promised.36.  Ann only had been working there for a few days when she decided to leave.37.  told; there was no money ; I had spent it all.38.   had come off .39.  got, told, had phoned when I was out.40.  They got married in 1990, had fallen in love.41.  While I was trying ; a passing car stopped and the driver offered to help me.42.  found; he had left .43. David admitted that he had hit, but said he had not damaged it.44. Jane missed ; had informed her about it.45.  It turned out that they had used/ had been using . 46.  had started working when he realized that he needed to go to the library. 47. was walking home, she tried to remember what had happened.48.  had done, they were 49.  was eighteen she had been studying English for six years. 50.  had been raising .51.  We had been flying ; announced we had .52.  crossed ; had gone home.53.  had burnt ; arrived.