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My name is bla-bla. I'm a pupil of school number 122. Nowadays our government pays much attention to education of the youth. And our school is not an exception. Our teachers teach us and provide us useful information. They keep us informed of all the news in the sphere of modern education and science. In the whole, studying is a very interesting process. Moreover, if the teacher and the pupils are in tune, this process becomes more exciting. And you understand that studying is not only to learn everything by heart, but also to have fun during this process. And I'm proud of that I'm a pupil of this school. During a school year our teachers organise a lot of different competitions. So I can say, that we never get bored studying in our school. My favourite subject is history. It  was always interesting for me to lern more information about time, that passed million years ago. And I can say it's one of my favourite hobbies. My school is such a place where I got many good friends. I'm sure that these people never leave me in trouble. They are always ready to help. So this is kinda picture of my school. And I like to spend my time with great pleasure in this friendly in peaceful atmosphere.





Sorry If I've done some kinda mistakes... =)