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My friend Ann came to see me on Saturday after work. "I want to go to the cinema and see a new film. Do you want to go with me?" asked Ann. "With pleasure," I answered. "My sister saw it last week and she liked it very much". We went to the cinema at ten in the evening. The film lasted two hours and finished at 12 o`clock. We got home late and Ann stayed with us. On Sunday we decided to go to the country. The weather was fine and we spent three hours in the country. We came home at five o'clock in the evening. After dinner we went to see Ann's friends. We wanted to go for a walk with them in the evening, but then decided to go to the theatre.
On Saturday Ann and I:a)saw a new film; d)went for a walk; c)went to disco.

On Sunday Ann and I: a) stayed at home; b) went to the country; c) went to the park.

On Sunday evening Ann and I went to the theatre: a)with their parents; b)with their teacher; c)with their friends.


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