Раскрыть скобки, употребляя глаголы в таких временах: Present,Past, Future Simple; Present, Future Continuous; Present, Past Perfect

1. I (not Know) what time ( to be) now. My watch (to stop)

2. Usually he ( to come) home at seven oclock but yesterday day he ( to come) at time.

3. At last we (to stop) working and now we can have a rest.

4. What he ( to do) now? - He ( to paint) the wall.

5. Peter( to be) ready in ten minutes. He ( to take) a bath at the moment. - If he ( not to take) a bath soon, I (to go) for a walk alone.

6. Mary ( to clean )the room and John ( to make) the dinner.

7. She ( to be) surprised now: someone ( to put) flowers for her.

8. When we (to warn) them about the danger, they ( to leave) the city.

9. My son ( to watch) television - his favourite prigramme ( to be) on now.

10. They ( to be) in our country for some yers I think.

11. Now I (not to be) sure that he (to do) his lessons at four oclock.

12.Our manager signed the documents and ( to go) upstairs.


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dont know. is. has stopped


have stopped

is doing. is painting

will be . is taking. doesn't take.will go

is cleaning.is making

is.has put

warn. will leave

is watching.is

have been

i am not sure. he will be doing