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                     Parents are our best teachers.There are only two people in the whole universe who don not want anything  bad for you, there are your parents

                     First of all parents want to give us nothing, bud good. They have raised us with love and attention and want nothing back for us. I have an immidiate family , where everybody plays important role. I want to say that family without parents as same as bird without wings

                      Secondly parents effect their children in ceratin cases. Parents are those people who meet at the start of your life.Depending how parents have treated you and gave you upbringin , you will have this base for the end of your life. In my family , my father wants me to obtain as much knowledge as possible , while mother gives me atteniton and love that helps to struggle with obsticales.

                       As i have said family without parents as same bird without wings. In order to make an flight you have to have good wings, so love and treat well your parents