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   Our motherland, my Kazakhstan.When I enunciate your name, my heart starts to beat faster because, it's full of pride and love to you.

   Our name"Kazakh" from the ancien Turkic means " a free spirit", which is reflected in our nature.

   We live in a multinational and peaceful country, which size is isometric (равновеликий)to the size of Western Europe. Kazakhstan is the ninth-largest country and the largest landlocked country in the world.

   We adopted our symbols:flag, emblem and anthem "My Kazakhstan", which are argument of our independence in 1991. Before the Rusian colonization, we had a higly developed culture based on our normadic pastoral economy.

    I am very glad and happy that we can take free knowledge from schools, colleges and universities. It is the most important achievement of our country and especially of our leader, our president who involved everyone in working with all our powers together.