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No to smoking, Yes to sport!/

An important event has happened recently in our town Volgodonsk. It`s the opening of sport drounds for work-out. Work-out is an international sport movement that finally reached Russia. It features young people training their muscles with the help of horizontal bars. Their aim is to have a good health and to keep an excellent form. Besides, they don`t consume alcohol and don`t smoke. In my view, They really deserve praise as they revive a healthy deneration.

The major boys say the work-out has become their life. Every day after school they go to the sport grounds and work by the sweat of their brow. They say work-out is for strong-willed and independent persons.

The advantage is that you needn`t a personal trainer or expensive sport implements. All you should do is to go to the street and work hard. That`s a very difficult step but it`s the best way to a healthy lifestyle as well.