сочинение "Work keeps us from three great evils: boredom , vice and need "'Voltaire, the French dramatist.


Ответы и объяснения


       The process of working is a certain key to reach a successful future. It is a large path that is able to lead us to a great future.

       When people happen to have too much free time they are more likely to get involved into some bad actions. Doing nothing, or wasting time we get bored. It seems to be a normal result but this leads to the appearance of different kind of vices. The most frequent vice for teenagers is the use of the computer and the internet as a whole.

       It happen in the childhood even, when a child is not engaged in a certain activity he is looking for trouble and them some kind of activities become a vice.

       Need is another bad evil that happens as a consequence of the absence of work, because when people don’t work they have no possibilities to satisfy their needs. And when a person works he can easily fulfill his needs and desires.

       I think we should be well-organized in order not to waste our precious time, because as we know time is money and it can satisfy our needs.