Мне нужен небольшой рассказ 2-3 предложения для 1-5кл из которого можно было бы угадать (ответить одним словом) Guess, who I?


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Guess, who am I?

I'm am animal. People love me and I love them. Many years ago my misson was to guard man's houses. The main enemy of mine is a cat. (I'm a dog)

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I am a little nice  domestic animal.   I have a beautiful warm fur coat . I have long whiskers and small ears. I can hear well and see in the darkness. I like to play  and climb the trees. I like milk.Guess, who I? (I am a cat!)


I am very big, heavy and fat. I live in hot countries in Asia and Africa but you can meet me in the Zoo. I have big ears.I can swim well. I like to eat grass, vegetable  and leaves.Guess, who I? I am an elephant