Помогите пожалуйсто!! нужно составить диалог на тему "A sity day" (день города) (12 реплик)


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A:Hey there, my friend, I would like to inform you that today is a very special day: City day. 
B: Really? Can you tell me some more about it?  
A: Well, I'll gladly do so. So, this CIty day of ours consists of celebrating the birth of our city. 
B: That is understandable, but how do you celebrate?
A: Well, we do things like put up attractions and organize a festival-like atmosphere. 
B: Alright. Can I maybe partake in this holiday?
A: Of course! You can for example volunteer, and help around.
B: That would be wonderful! I would be happy to participate and do that. 

A: Then I will show you how and where you can do that.

B: Thank you, my dear friend. You have always been great to me. 
A: It's no problem. It is my duty as a citizen of my city to give you such an obligation and instruction.