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Skiing is one of the most popular occupations in the world. Occupations by this sport are important means of physical training, are high on the list in character impellent actions.

For the last twentieth anniversary a science about sports including the theory and a skiing technique, started to develop fast rates. If earlier it generally occupied explanatory function and helped practice a little, now its role essentially changed. Sports competitions are not so simply individual duels and not only competition of teams, it first of all demonstration of force and ability of the athlete, high tactical thinking of the teacher-trainer.

Everyone who starts to be engaged in skiing, sets before itself(himself) a definite purpose: one wants to become a champion, another – simply more strongly and is more hardy, the third aspires by means of walking on skis to grow thin, the fourth - to strengthen will. And all this is possible. It is necessary only regularly, without doing itself indulgences and discounts, persistently to train.

Skiing includes some independent sports: skiing, biathlon, jumps on skis from a springboard, a double-event, mountain skiing. On these sports there are rules of carrying out competitions and assignment of categories and ranks according to requirements of Uniform sports classification is provided. It stimulates systematic occupations and growth of achievements in sport of skiers. Called types of skiing are included in programs of the championships and World Cups, winter Olympic Games.

My most favourite sport - football. When I was small, very much liked to watch on TV football matches. Then grew up, itself began to drive a ball. At first this game involved me with a beautiful ball, a bright form. A little later I seriously reflected, than I like football. Probably, that is very mobile game, one person, and small collective participates in it not. The victory of the team depends on game of everyone. This game tempers health, brings up will, feeling of solidarity, helps to become hardy, strong. I wish all to fall in love with this sport.


My favourite kind of sport.
Which is my favourite kind of sport? I have never think about it. I like every kind. Sometimes I can play football or hockey. But wait, I know which kind I like more then another. It is tennis. When I keep in my hand little green ball and when it fly through the net, it is the best feeling which I have. I usually watch big tennis on TV and dreaam about wimbledon. And nobody can understand my feeling if he didn't play tennis.