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... I'm thinking of joining a dance club. But my mum thinks it will make me too busy. 1 go in for tennis three times a week. Besides last month I started attending our school theatre studio. So she is worrying that my daily schedule will be overloaded. Are you very busy on week days? Do you have time to go in for sport or any out-school activity? How long does it take you to do your lessons? Write soon, Alice.


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I think that sport clubs are very interesting and helpful! I advice you to try to go there.

No, I'm not busy on week days. Yes, I have enough time for sport and out-school activties. Also, I addictionally go on Math and Physics lessons. I usually do my homework one with half of an hour. Wtite more about you, please.

                                                                                           Best цishes (Ваше имя).


I see that you very busy. But I haven't got so much to do. I go in for football everyday after school lessons and two times a week I working in school magazine.I write a big article about sport for teenegers in USA. I think it is great because I want to be a journalist in the future. But football and school magazine take me a lot of time and sometimes I can't do my lessons. Usually my lessons take me 2 or 3 hours. It doesn't makes me sad and I want more and more things to do. Wait for your letter,NAME