Ответы и объяснения


Everybody understands sometimes, that people (as well as their preferences and convictions) are very different. 


For example, some of my classmates do really think, that it s better to study 6 days a week at school. Actually, I've also heard that  from some adults: my parents, teachers, and so on.


To be honest, my attitude to the process of learning seems to be quite unsteady too. There are some days you are lazy or even tired and that's important enough to have a rest. But now I can contend, that concentration and making an oneself force is valuable too. For example a period before the examination takes a lot of time and you have to learn even the whole week long, but if you do it, you should be sucsessful any way.


Secondly, if you know arifmetics, you can count, that 1 extra day a week gives you an extra month of learnig a year. And that means, as far as I know, not only effort, but also special facilities to you know your staff better.


So, to conclude, I'd mention, that it all depends on you - what you do (how long do you learn in a school week) is, however, what you choose. As for me, I'll rather think a little bit more about that; I believe my opinion will get stronger in a couple of days.)