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My favorite part of nature.

On our planet, so many beautiful and unusual places. Every person is like a piece of nature to which he wants to come back again and again. Someone is a bit of beach to the sea, the other is a secret cave in the mountains, the third a small clearing in the woods, and I have my most favorite piece of land - this is my country house.

When my parents got a piece of land, my brother was still quite small, but even then happy to attend with their parents their allotment. At first it was an abandoned piece of land, it grew stiff marsh grass, but stuck half-decayed stumps. But then I and my brother Tolia found there are many interesting things. From flower to flower colorful butterflies flew from grass to grass green grasshoppers leaped on old stumps crawled lizards bask in brilliant brisk. And how many different birds around!

Gradually, the parents began to build houses and cultivate the land, but my love for our land is not held, but rather grew up with me. Now I try and Toll around to help mom and dad. I'm with my mother in the spring on our site are planted lots of flowers and summer, our favorite place is transformed into a blooming garden. Here at the house, located under the window 'Queen of the garden' - a rose, along the fence bowed their heads huge lush dahlias in the garden have released their arrows stately gladioli, Near the gate greeted me with its gentle aroma of lilies of the bushes.

 My mother and I are constantly trying to make our favorite part of the world more beautiful. And if every person on Earth has been your favorite place that he would like to make a more beautiful, then there would have a bare, trampled ground, and there would be mountains of garbage all around, and the whole planet would be transformed into a blooming garden .+