Помогите написать своё высказывание по плану: Cool school uniform 1. Think of a uniform for your school or for your class. 2. Decide what the uniform will look like/ 3. Develop some other ideas for a dress code. 4. Think of the rules for accessories, hairstyle, ets. 5. Make notes. 6. Illustrate your points. 7. Describe your new look and evalute it.


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Every day we dress a school uniform and we go all year long in same. Many schoolboys ask sooner or later a question: "Yes who in general has thought up this form?"
It would be desirable a variety, In the days off it should be erased, as in week we study also it it is necessary to carry. To wear the uniform a duty of each pupil of our school. Many say what every day to wear the same uniform not so pleasantly. And as on each person on a miscellaneous sits, on one it is beautiful, on other isn't present. And many against. But I consider that a school uniform it is good, as it is very pleasant all your schoolmates in one clothes, all of us are equally dressed. Nobody envies that here at someone it is more beautiful, than at me. At competitions it is possible to distinguish who from what school, after all at each school the form differs. Some speak, what difference in what to go, after all mind not to increase. Others that in our country not so beautiful form, and in Japan is much more nice and more convenient. Probably in something they are right, but I hold the opinion, after all time has entered the form from it already not to get to anywhere. In Japan the school uniform is called "матроски". And many girls out of school go too in it, they consider that alma-mater an example for imitation