помогите ответить на вопросы. 1.What languages do you speak? 2.What music do you listen to? 3.What dances do you know? 4.What kinds of food do you eat at home? 5.In your school / class, what is considered polite and what is considered rude? 6.What manners have you been taught? (table manners, behaviour toward guests in your home, what to say when answering the telephone, how to say thanks for a meal.) 7.What do you wear on special occasions? 8.How often do you see your extended family? 9.What role do they play in your life? 10.What holidays and ceremonies are important in your family? Describe something very important to you. • It could be a value, such as respect or honesty. • It could be a person, such as a parent, brother, sister, or friend. • It could be a goal, such as going to college or designing a website. • It could be a hobby. 11.Based on what you've written, how would you describe the characteristics of the culture you're a part of?


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1. I speak in Russian.

2. I listen to classical music.

3. I dance ballroom dancing.

4. I love fruit and meat.

5. Is considered polite to help others. Rough - bullying.

6. I taught good manners. Always greet the teachers, guests.

7. In special cases, I am wearing papers.

8. I see my family every day.

9. They play in my life are very significant role.

10. I love my family. I love to read books about sports.