Пожалуста напишите тему по англизкому языку про школу и в теме восновном про урок англизкого языка например что вы делаете что вы учите нарвиться не нравиться помогите пожалуста срочно! 9-10 предложений СРОЧНО ПЛИЗЗ


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I love English lessons. I enjoy learning the language. I think that it is very necessary in today's world, as it is the main spoken language in the world. I like to know the history of this language, because I find it very interesting. I also like to write lyrics in English. I believe that knowledge of English will help me in the future. Most of all I do not like to teach the dialogues. I believe that learning a simple word can learn the language, but I was wrong. This language has many complex rules, but if you teach them - it will be easier to write and talk.