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Well...as we know learning via online become spread widely in learning field over the world. The students become very excited learning especially English language via online. I know that there are a lot of benefits that we gain if we learn through online because there are so many free websites that can help us as student in learning English language. But, is it really usefull to us or we still need a teacher as a guidance?
 I teach both online and face to face and I don't think a coputer can replace a teacher completely, but it can do a lot of useful work for learners. The fact that they can acess things when they want for free gives them advatages that were simply not possible until very recently. However, the biggest advantage to me is not the computer's ability to serve up tests and references, but the ability to put people in touch with other people. Things like forums make it possible for learners to ask what they want, when they want and to get answers from all over the world, which is only possible through the internet.