помогите, выбрать из текста самое нужное ( на пересказ)!!! название: New Year in Great Britain с завтрашнему дню надо!


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New Year  in Britain is celebrated on January 1. This day  was  officially  declared  as  New Year`s  Day  in 1752.   Many people  hold or attend  parties in the  evening  to say goodbye  to the   old  year  and to welcome the new year. The custom of exchanging gifts  on New  Year has become widely  popular  in Britain. In England the children  rise  early  on New Year so that  they can make  rounds  to neighbors and singing  songs. The children  are given sweets,coins, aplles and  mince pies  for singing. New Year  is the much  awaited celebration  for the people  of Britain.