Мне нада разказ на Анг. языке по теме Наука и Тэхничный прогрэс сможиш помоч


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Scientific progress is the idea that science increases its problem solving ability through the application of some scientific method.

Several Philosophers of Science have supported arguments that the progress of science is discontinuous. In that case, progress is not a continuous accumulation, but rather a revolutionary process where brand new ideas are adopted and old ideas become abandoned. Thomas Kuhn was a major proponent of this model of scientific progress, as explained in his book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. 

Technological change (TC) is a term that is used to describe the overall process of inventioninnovation and diffusion of technology or processes. The term is synonymous with technological development, technological achievement, and technological progress. In essence TC is the invention of a technology (or a process), the continuous process of improving a technology (in which it often becomes cheaper) and its diffusion throughout industry or society. In short, technological change is based on both better and more technology.