1)Выбрать из about, on, from, at, for

1. I asked_____ a discount when I noticed...

2.They are twins but in personally they seem very different___________ each other.

3.She was born_____ March 1.

4.John wanted me to take care__ his dog while...

5. She avoids you because she is tired________ listening ...

6.Stop complaining____________ everything and do....

2)Complete the sentences with one word in each gap.

1.She has given_____ all her old toys to poor children.

2.My brother drives me crazy!He always____over to another channel without asking permission.

3.Food is very expensive in this country. The prices have gone_____ again!


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1. For

2. From

3. On

4. Of

5. Of

6. About




1. Out

2. Goes

3. Up