составьте пожалуйста 10 вопросов разного вида на английском языке к данному тексту, номер 2 (1) про Австралию...срочно надооооо пожалуйста


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1. How many representatives for the Ausrtian monarch have?
2. In what year did the union of the Australian Constitution take place? 
3. Of what parts for the Parlament consist? 

4. Who elects and chooses the legislators?
5. What benefits or advantages would Australia gain from becoming a republic? 

6. Whose acceptance is needed for the aprooval of making Australia a republic? 

7. In what year did the disunity of the Australian Consitution start? 

8. Who plays a big role in Australian politics? 

9. Who makes up the executive office? 
10. How many senators are there? How many people are in the House of Representatives?