Помогите кто хорошо знает английский язык надо написать на английском языке письмо на тему однаклассники


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From the author.

Nowadays, more and more popular there is a site "Schoolmates". People were bored by a vital negative, and from a meeting with the past they wait for positive emotions.
Received a news from the schoolmate and I.
He became the big official in big department and complained that it should work much, on work he strongly is tired, and consequently it absolutely has no time for communication with the "former" schoolmates. At the end of the letter asked a question: whether I live still "in the Hatsapetovka", (remember the film "The milkmaid from Hatsapetovka"?) or got over, at last, to the city?
From attention which to me was given by the big person, I, of course, quailed, but nevertheless decided to write the answer.

Letter to the schoolmate.

Hello, dear child-hood friend Vasily Petrovitch! (I ask to forgive me that in the childhood Vaska called you simply).
We, in our Hatsapetovka, are glad that you became very big chief in such large and responsible department. Though are a little afflicted that tireless activity on this post doesn't leave to you time for communication with us.
I, because of total absence in our village of departments, as before, work as the beekeeper. I write to you from all our rural collective. In Hatsapetovka us remained only two. I and my bees.
I didn't go to the city. It agrees with you, there better to live, but escape from the post I can not. People ask medical It for some reason it is pleasant to them more than what is delivered from Europe. And I strongly am afraid that to your dear department, together with numerous sellers and intermediaries, without me and my bees of people honey not to feed.
You ask, how I here live among "lyudishka", a vocabulary at which no more than one thousand? Don't worry in vain. We with bees speak a little, we do more and more. But we aren't absolutely lonely. In the next village which-what "lyudishka" still remained. However, should disappoint you. The vocabulary at them is much richer, than it is represented to you. Thousand is only words of an offensive language which they use in communication with your brother, the official … And after all there are still politicians, journalists, oligarchs, a pop-music, presidents … For all of them words too are laid up … Moreover what!.
It is not enough about itself. Work washing, in comparison with your heavy work, everyday and quite easy. One is bad. My bees at all don't transfer a striptease and don't allow to undress even in a heat. Therefore I didn't manage to get still such suntan and a charming tummy what looks through at you in the photo.
Here, perhaps and all. In summary, I address to you with a request: you couldn't there, in department, make so that officials, managers, sellers and intermediaries at us became slightly less, and such as I, am slightly more than beekeepers. My health began to hand over and, I am afraid, soon such crowd to me will support not on forces.
With deep respect for you, your "former" schoolmate and bees.