1. Andrew (ask) if John (see) any skyscrapers. 2. while the tailor (measure) him, Mr Brown (try) to be calm. 3. they (shoot) in the forest when John (arrive). 4. we (be) sure they ( finish) their work by ten. 5. she (work) as a nurse in 1998. 6. who (watch) television when Dad (come) in? 7. what (happen) next? 8. nobody (know) what (happen). 9. i (not, know) when Mrs Padley (be) born. 10. when Nick and i (meet), he (write) a very interesting project. Раскройте скобки пожалуйста)))


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1.Andrew askwd if John had seen any skycrapers.

2. While the Tailor was measuring him, Mr Brown tried to be calm.

3.They were shooting when John arrived.

4. We were sure they would finish their work by ten.

5. She worked as a nurse

6. Who was watching television when Dad came.

7. What has happened next? ( Неуверенна, так как не совсем понимаю, какое время должно здесь быть)

8. Nobody knew what had happened

9. I don`t know when Mrs Padley was born

10. When Nick and I met he was writing a very interesting project.