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In Tudor Times children wore the same style of clothing as their parents.

In the period from 1811 to 1820 girls continued to be 1.________(victims/favourites/the hope) of their parents' wish to match the popular idea of beauty. The popular idea of beaty in that period was: slim bodies, tight waists and pale 2._________(appearance/colour/blue). In the 1880s it was 3.____________(individual/fashionable/customized) to wear very long gloves in the evening. At the end of the 1880s a knitted costume (the so-called "jersey dress") 4.___________(came/came into/came in) fashion. 5.__________(Footwear/Jewellery/Clothes) was in fashion for women, furs were in fachion both for men and women. During the Second World War in Britain designs were simple: padded 6.__________(legs/arms/shoulders) and skirts to just below the knee, a small hat and functional bag and shoes. In the late 1970s 7.___________(sports/sportswear/sports shoes) was brought into the fashion arena. By the early 1980s 8.____________(tracksuits/flares/schoolgirl pinafores) and training shoes had become a fashionable uniform. Today boy 9.__________(painting/building/piercing) has replaced tattooing among the more eccentric of London's youth. Any part of your body can be 10.__________(emboroidered/pierced/decorated) with a ring, bar or stud. If your are visiting London from abroad and want 11.________(to be fashionable/to be in fashion/to keep up to date with) all the latest London trends, you have to read the fashion magazines.


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1. Victims

2. Appearance

3. Fashionable

4. Came into fashion

5. Jewellery

6. Shoulders

7. Sportswear

8. Tracksuits

9. Piercing


11. To Keep Up To Date With