Помогите написать сочинение на тему Travelling to different countries плииз)


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 Many people prefer to travel by car. Traveling this way, you can explore the city, through which your route. The biggest advantage of this trip is that you can stop whenever you want and do not depend on any schedule. You go from the door of his house and choose the other path that you like.
Bus tours are inexpensive and very popular. They are planning a vacation, since it is possible to see many sights and at the same time, a good rest.
The cheapest and one of the most popular forms of travel - walking and hiking. For the lover of nature is always a great opportunity to directly communicate with it.Walking through the woods or along the river, resting on the shore of Lake Forest, or climbing a mountain, you feel part of nature.
All kinds of travel has its advantages and disadvantages. People choose what fits their plans and capabilities. While traveling, we can see and learn many things that would never see or learn at home.