Read the story and fill in the blanks with articles, prepositions or "-".на месте & Yesterday was not a good day. First & all, I woke up late because I didn't hear &alarm clock. There wasn't much time. I was going to Chester& a job interview, and my train was & seven-forty, and it was already seven twenty-five. Then I couldn't find &keys to open the door. I looked them &everywhere. Finally I decided there was only one thing to do. I opened a window and started climbing out. This was not difficult, because my flat is& the ground floor and I am still quite young and athletic. I play &tennis every Saturday afternoon, and I did a lot of swimming &holiday when we went to Florida with my Dad &last summer. But just as I stood up and closed the window somebody said 'Excuse me, sir.' I turned round and saw that it was &policeman. It was now seven-thirty, so I didn't really have time &conversation. 'Good morning, officer,' I said, 'I'd like to talk to you, but I'm afraid I can't stop, I've got a train to catch.' 'I'm sure you have, sir,' he said. 'But I'll have to ask you &few questions first.' So I spent &hour and a half at the police station, and I missed &train, and when I finally got to Chester they said I was too late& the meeting. The next train home was at six &the evening, so I had to spend the day& Chester. It rained all day. Do you want to know what there is to do& a rainy day? Do you want to know when I came &home? Don't ask.


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