Написать письмо на аеглийском языке. План письма : рассказать о себе, своей семье, о том ,что ты любишь делать, о своем любимом времени года, о своем питомце Заранее спасибо


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Hi ! my name is Tomiris ! I am from Kazakhstan ! I have very big and adorable family)

They are mom dad sister brother grandmother 2 aunts) we are very friendly family) we help each other ) My hobby is swimming) i like this sport) it's intresting and helpful) it makes my body more good) i also have 2 dogs) i adore them . they are so pretty and nice)  all members of my family take care of them) I love my family and my dogs)

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I want to tell you about myself. My name is _____. My surname is _______. I think, my family big. I have mother, father, sister, brother и т.д. The members of my family are very friendly and kind. And of cource I have dog

I like summer, becouse it is holiidais. I have a lot of fun with friends.