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MARK TWAIN AND HIS BOOK The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Human Value: Right Action 
Practical value: good behaviour 
Form 5 (age – 10-11 years)

1. to review the material from Unit 1 "All about me” and Unit 3 "At Work” (Textbook Happy Earth 2, OUP); 
2. to sum up children’s knowledge on topic "Mark Twain and his book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” (additional material); 
3. to train their speaking, reading and listening skills; 
4. to stimulate children’s inner urge to act right. 
I. Greeting. 
T: Hello, boys and girls! 
Ps: Hello, teacher! 
T: Now, please, say "Hello” to our guests. 
Ps: "Hello, hello, hello to you. Hello, hello, we’re glad to see you”.

II. Silent sitting. 
T: Sit straight, please. Close your eyes, please, and listen to your heart. Imagine the Sun in your 
head and in your heart (students sit silently for 2-3 minutes). 
T: Now say, please: 
Ps: "The Sun is shining in my heart”. (3 times) 
T: Now open your eyes, please, and say our thought for the week. 
Ps: "Start the day with Love, fill the day with Love, end the day with love. This is the way to 
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III. Guess the topic. 
T: Now, children, guess the topic of our lesson. What are we going to speak about today? 
Ps unjumble the letters and say the words: MARK TWAIN. TOM SAWYER. 
T: What will we speak about today?