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Dear Editor,

Dear I am writing to you about the concert in the theater «Cosmos» last Wednesday with singer Maxim. There was an audience of 300 people.

The concert started late, because the main singer Maxim was too late. But as soon as she arrived they began to show. Maxim is a Russian singer and music producer. She does not have its group, it stands alone.

At first it was a simple, quiet singer, but then he became the best soloist of the year. She released the two most popular album "My Paradise" and "difficult age". These albums, she sang at a concert. In which the audience wept, rejoiced and sang for joy.

I really liked her songs, as well as the entire concert. But I did not like what she was late for his concert. Acoustics of the room was amazing, the heating did not work. In 12 concert is over and we went home.

Why is heating in the room did not work, I was cold and you need to open a cafe, after the concert I was hungry.

Yours faithfully,



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Dear Editor,
I am writing to you about the concert in the theater "Cosmos" last Wednesday with singer Maxim. The audience was 300 people.
The concert started late, because Maxim was too late. But as soon as she arrived, they began to show. Maxim Russian singer and music producer. It does not have its group, but stands alone.
At first it was a simple, quiet singer, but later it became the best soloist of the year.She released the two most popular album "My Paradise" and "difficult age". These albums, she sang at a concert. In which the audience weptrejoiced and sang for joy.
I really liked her songs, as well as the entire concertBut I do not like the fact that she was late for his concertAcoustics of the room was surprised, heating did not work. The 12 gig is over and we went home.
Why is heat in the room did not work, I frozeAnd you can open a cafe, after theconcert I was hungry.