написать сочинение плиз побыстрее на тему путишествие в другой город 6 8 пред.на англ языке.


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for a good school and good grades my mom and dad promised to send me to St. Petersburg.I am a good student throughout the year. And last summer, finally my dream has come true. My family and I went to St. Petersburg and saw many beautiful places, I especially liked the drawbridges. I did not want to leave. And hope to go mulberries in the following year.


I like to travel. I go to [town/country/city]. There are lots/few places to visit: [art gallerys, museums, parks, libraries, cinemas, theatres]. I went to the cinema, theatre, park, on excursion to the museum. Also I went to main square. There was a lot of people: from the smallest to the adult. I liked [town/country/city] and I hope to come here yet.