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My Last Winter Holidays (1) 

I spent my last winter holidays in Moscow. This year I did not go anywhere. 

Our winter holidays began oh the 27th of December. On that day we had a New Year party at school. We had prepared an amateur performance with Father Frost and Snow-Maiden. There were different competitions, we played different games. Then we had a dance party. That day we had a lot of fun. 

I like winter for a number of holidays we celebrate at the beginning of a new year. First of all this is New Year Day. 

On the 7th of January our family celebrates Christmas. I like this holiday very much too. 

The period of the winter holidays is rich in different shows and performances. This year we chose the show in the circus.#I think there is nobody in the world who can be tired of the circus. I liked the clowns most of all. Their tricks were so funny. 

But the time during the holidays flies so quickly. Certainly, I read some books which I dreamt to read but I didn't have free time for this. 

This year the weather was really New Year's one. It was rather snowy and one day we set off to the park to ski. We had a nice day there. 

I like my last winter holidays very much.


"As my family celebrates Christmas"
"That's Christmas and time again-
Forces of celestial celebration:
On this day Christ came
To save our world from evil.
Glory eternal to him,
To him who overcomes darkness.
Congratulations with all my heart
With this great joy! "

Christmas - one of the most important Christian holidays. In our life Christmas has returned recently. In the recent pro-Shlomo about him not even to mention it was accepted, but now it is one of the few public holidays.
In the West there are the so-called "Christmas Vacation" - a week of rest. And the "major" gifts they accepted to give it for Christmas. We also at this time of holidays among adults and schoolchildren.
I want to tell you how my family celebrates Christmas.
The apartment is a Christmas tree. Beautiful hanging on the tree garland. At the birth of female identity holds placed on the table a lot of candles. It is believed that the Christmas candle - a symbol of hearth and home. Many years ago, when every house was a center, with Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve), all of the following twelve days, and whose no-burning fireplace in the Christmas log. Now replace the center candle.
Christmas has long been accompanied by colorful folk customs. Christmas carols, walking with a star posal.
On a visit at Christmas decided to call the closest people. Parents at-decreed to his guests grandparents, and I invited friends - Anthony, Nicholas, Michael.
At home we have arranged meetings - with songs, games and dances. We had a quiz with the guys that came up in advance.
At the banquet table covered: my mother baked a delicious Christmas loaf, stewed potatoes with chicken, red currant compote.
Parents were told that a special day today, illuminating light is outlandish.
The great wonder of this night is done in the town of Bethlehem - born Mlada Finally - JESUS CHRIST! In the sky lit up bright star - Bethlehem. When he was born, the first thing he saw - the shining lights of the Christmas tree. He smiled and handed her his holy hands.
Each person's birthday gifts are presented. Once at the Savior's birthday, we also made him a gift. The best gifts - a pure heart and good deeds. We read poems about him. Here is an example of a poem.
So today is the day holy,
It's Christmas!
The angel descended from heaven
And sang: "Christ is born!"
Yes, Christ our God and Savior,
At midnight, people,
In the cave he lived a poor ...
The world was expecting the Savior-King,
He was born as quiet as charged.
Not in the palace of the rich, not in the capital,
Where would befit God to be born.
He was born in the crib in the midnight hour,
Manifesting an example of humility for us.
God was born under the sky of Bethlehem,

His birth - a poem.