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Some of my friends think it's important to do sports regulary, while others would watch a event on TV. Nowadays people have to work more and they prefer to rest more activity. It's important to be in good shape and stay healthy and attractive.

To my mind, physical exercises are essential for everyone. If you want to be strong physically and mentally , you can go to a fitness club, a sauna or a swimming pool.  Exercisising is also the best remedy for insomia , depression and stress.

However, a lot of people say they neither time nor opportunity to go in for sports. But I think that if you don't have opportunity to go a fitness  club , you can just buy a treadmill or a stationary bike and execise at home. You can also do your morning exercises, jog , swim in summer , ski or skate in winter. , play different sports games such as tennis, football, volley- ball , basket-ball  and so on.

To conclude, if you want to be slim and strong , you must leave your comfortable armchair and execise. It is not enough to watch other people doing sports. Only regular exercises will help you make your life longer and healthier.