Сочинение на тему Моё любимое животное(можно по кого угодно желательно про котёнка)!!))


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I have a cat [nickname]. He is / has ... years. [nickname] loves to play with me always good. He is very funny and gets up different tricks. Cat kept running after me, go into the entrance, where there is a dog, sneaks to the wires and sharp objects, like a little child, who forbade to do something, and curiosity predoolevaet fear of being punished. I also go out with him for a walk. This is the most favorite activity [nickname]'s, because he is chasing pigeons and sparrows, met with other cats and the cats, playing with children. I love [nickname], because it is the best animal in the world.


Cats are very good Pets. Kotov I love very much. Especially all the little kitten. Cats they are not only very beautiful, they more and intelligent animals. Here, for example, my grandmother lives the cat Мурзик. Grandmother says that he understands everything. Once my grandmother lost her glasses and for a long time could not find them. And Мурзик found the glasses, they fell behind the sofa, and took out for my grandmother. At home, we also lives the cat and he is also very intelligent. His name is Barsik. When I sit down to do the lessons he had always come to me. I am doing homework and he sits on the table and stares at them, so I don't forget. He loves when I had something to read, then he begins to purr. Most of all he likes stories from the textbook literature. And here's the math he is not very fond of.
And even cats can catch mice and that they benefit for the person. In my other grandmother, who lives in the village, the same is a cat. His name is Vaska. He protects the economy from mice and from intruders. Once he caught a large rat. She was almost as big as he is. He brought the rat grandmother. Probably, wanted her to see what he is strong and dexterous. Vaska very much likes to fish and therefore, in the summer he goes with the boys on a fishing trip. They gladly feed it caught пескарями, and Vaska catch them in substitution of the large dragonflies, for fish bait.