Плиз помогите вставьте правильный ответ!Очень срочно надо!!!1)We....on holiday last year(A.go;B.went;C.goes) 2)How often..it snow in your country?(A.do;B.does;C.doing)3)Julie..a party last week.(A.having; B.have; C.had)4)You.... make any noise after 10 pm.(A.can`t ;B.can;C.must)5)We...to be home by 6 o`clock.(A.have ;B.can;C.must)6)You....have to feed the dog.Mary did it an hour ago.(A.can`t ;B.mustn`t. C.don`t) 7)...you happy when John came to visit?(A.Were;B.Was;C.Aren`t)8) Her aunt lives....California.(A.in;B.on;C.at) ЗАРАНЕЕ БОЛЬШОЕ СПАСИБО!!!


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