Помогите Плиз! Срочно!!! Написать сочинение о своей стране по плану:

1.Описать где вы живёте

2. Какая там погода

3. Какие известные места есть ( о каждом несколько предложений )

4. Какие животные там живут.

5. Чем в этом месте хорошо/плохо жить.


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I'm living in Russian Federation. It's actually a huge country with its own traditions & customs. Russia is amazing place to live & many foreigners are dreaming to live over here.

The weather in Russia is absolutely different,because of a giant territory. In Siberia is cold & frosty, but in Moscow is much more hot. 

Lenin Mousolium is a very popular and attrecive place for people all over the world, as Lenin was quite famouse social person now so long ago. I think every tourist should visit this place just to feel our history. A lot of intresting places are there in Saint P. & Moscow, Tula and ect.

Here you are able to find bears, tigers and alot more.

I think its cool to live here, in Russia. People here're nice & respectful.