Ребят, нужно маленькое сочинение на тему "твоих любимых гаджетов", ну что-то типа, рассказать о том что пользуешься mp3 плеером , телефоном, ноутбуком что у тебя там и т.п. Помогите пожалуйста, и заранее спасибо :)


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Everyday I use my cellphone, mp3 and notebook.They made my life easier.My cellphone is always with me, I can call my friends , play different games when I’m on a trip and I’m bored , I keep all my needed telephone numbers there and I can use it anytime and everywhere. I cannot imagine my life without music. I can relax and forget about the routine everytime I turn on my mp3 and listen to my favourite singers.I really enjoy it.I keep hundreds of songs in my mp3 and I listen again and again to the songs on it.And also  , the most important of them all is my notebook.It helps me about homework , as I can search for information on net , I can relax after a hard day playing games or watching movies  , I can chat with my friends , and I can find the latest news about the world. It is interesting and  joyful having them as it can be both a source of information and a source of relaxing.