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Are there discos in your town?

yes there are


is there swimming pool in your school?

yes there is


are there hotels near the park?

no there are not 


is there castle in Richmond?

no there is not



there are not fife ls in volleyball. there are four

there are not ten players i football team/ there are eleven

there is not one u in museum/ there are two

there are not nine letters in basketball/ there are ten

there are not forty pages in this book/ there are fifeteen

there is not one picture on this page/ there are four



1) there is

2)there is 

3) there is 

4)there is

5)there are not

6)there are not

7)there are 

8)there are 

9)there is

10)there is

11)there are

12)threre are nor

13)there are not

14)there are

15)there are



1)there is

2)it is

3)there is

4)there are

5)there are

6)are there 

7)there are not

8)there are

9)are there

10)there are

11)are there

12)there are not

13)is there

14)is not there 

15) there is




2. Are there discos in your town?- Yes, there are

3.Is there a swimming pool at your school?- Yes, there is

4.Are there hotels near the park?- No , there aren*t

5. IS there a castle in Richmond?- No. there isn*t


2.There aren*t.......There are 4 ls

3.There aren*t 10 players in.... There are 11 players in...

4. There isn*t 1 u in museum. There are 2 us in museum.

5.There aren*t  9 letters in basketball. There are 10 letters in basketball

6.There aren*t 40 pages in this book. There are 50 pages in this book

7.There isn*t one picture on this page.There are 3 pictures  on this page


1.there is

2.there is

3.there is

4.there is

5.there isn*t

6.there aren*t

7.there are

8.there are

9.there isn*t

10.there isn*t

11.there are

12.there aren*t

13.there aren*t

14.there are

15.there are


a/1)  Is there.....

b. 2) Yes. there is.And 3) there is a CDs...

a/4) ,,,,,,,,ARE there?

b.5)there ARE......

a. 6) are there.....

b. No. 7) there aren*t .But 8)There are

a. 9)Is there.....

b. 10)Yes. there is


a. 11)Are there....

b. No. 12) there aren*t.


a.13)Is there.....

b. No.14)  there isn*t  but 15) there is a hotel with a bar