небольшой текст о домашнем животном (кошка Фаня,хомяк Лео,крыса Моник)


Ответы и объяснения


I like animals. I have pets at home.  I have a cat Fanya by name, a hamster Leo and a rat called Monic. They are good friends . It is veru funny to look at them. I always feed them and take care of the animals. I want to tell you about my cat Fanya. It is a  big grey cat. It is 5 years old. It is very nice and clever. It knows  and understands everything what we  to say to Fanya. Fanya likes to jump and  play with toys. Most of all it likes to eat fish! It sits near the fridge  mewing (мяукая) it means that Fanya  asks to eat  fish. Our cat loves us and we love it very much!


I very much love pets. Once on my birthday parents presented to me a remarkable kitten. I called his Fanya. I very much fell in love with this kitten. I played the whole day with it, let's to it eat and cleaned after it. I am very happy that I have Fanya's kitten.