Помогите написать текст на анг. про "любимого художника" !! Пожалуйчта, срочно


Ответы и объяснения


My favourite artist Shishkin Ivan Ivanych. He was born in 1832 in the city of Yelabuga. Among Russian landscape writers to Shishkin it is indisputable, the place of the strongest artist belongs. In all the works he is the surprising expert on vegetative forms reproducing them with thin understanding, both the general character, and the smallest distinctive features of any breed of trees, bushes and herbs. Whether it undertook the image of the pine or fir forest, separate pines and ate, in the same way, as well as their set, received at it the true physiognomy, without everyones прикрас or underestimations — that view and with those particulars which speak quite and caused by the soil and climate where the artist forced them grow. Whether it represented oaks or birches, they accepted at it very truthful forms in foliage, branches, trunks, korenye and in all details. The district under trees — stones, sand or clay, the roughnesses of the soil overgrown with ferns and other wood herbs, dry leaves, brushwood, dead wood and other — received a type of perfect reality in pictures and Shishkin's drawings. His picture morning in pine to pine forest the finest picture in the world. It was pleasant to me the bright paints and a beautiful landscape. I very much love this picture.